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BLE Mesh – A Practical Guide to Simplify Product Development Time

The release of BLE Mesh has led to numerous articles, blogposts, and webinars cataloguing its features and capabilities but little has gone into actually highlighting where OEM product developers should focus on in the 708 page specification.

An Engineer’s Guide to FCC Pre-Scans

FCC certification is a critical step in every product launch, but achieving it isn’t always straightforward. Successfully navigating the landscape of FCC certification for RF products is critical to getting to market quickly and FCC pre-scans are a great way to reduce the risk of failing.

This white paper provides practical information to use in current and future RF product designs that will help you simplify the FCC testing process and pass on the first attempt.

Webinar: Demystify the Steps Towards SIG Qualification for Your Bluetooth 5 Enabled Design

The introduction of the Bluetooth Core Specification version 5 presented several new and exciting features including LE Long Range and 2 Mbps PHY for BLE connections. To simplify the Qualification and Declaration process, the Bluetooth SIG also released a new online tool called Launch Studio. During this webinar, our presenters discuss the following: 

Optimized Placement of Microwave Absorbers on High Speed Digital Channels

Laird has published a white paper containing evidence why effective placement of microwave absorbers can meet design requirements of today’s thinner, smaller, cramped-for-space mobile devices and other densely configured systems.

Webinar: Wireless Phone Charging in Vehicles – How all the cables disappeared!

Join this free live webinar to learn about wireless charging from leaders in the industry. We will cover the current landscape of wireless technology as well as the future of wireless charging.

After completing this webinar, you will understand: