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Smartphone Integration - USB Hub Solutions

A basic smart integration of mobile devices into the car is represented by the USB Hub, which enables not only high power fast charging, but also high speed USB 3.1 data transfer from the smart device to the car’s infotainment system. Laird USB Hub and Charger solutions are unobtrusive, solid designed and built according to automotive standards with respect to consumer adapters.

The FULLY USB-C integration of mobile devices into the car


Laird USB solutions support all current smartphones and tablets, notebooks and flash drives. They simultan-eously guarantee full performance and safety.


Besides the possibility to charge mobile devices by high speed performance, data is transferred in USB 3.1 speed (USB 2.0 compatible) to the infotainment system of the vehicle. Several challenges are solved by Laird USB Hub. Hardly any mobile device follows the general USB specifications. Therefore, very complex tests of compatibility are required. Device-specific adapter cable (e.g. USB to iPod/iPhone) must also be approved for use. The tolerance limits for voltage and power supply are quickly reached in the automotive field.
Longer cable lengths can drastically reduce the transmission of both data and charging capacity.
Users want to have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support to use their smartphones during the journey. The new, smaller USB-C connector is reversible to plug in. Laird’s USB Hubs and Chargers supporting Fast Charging according Power Delivery (PD) standard.


This is the easiest way to integrate the customer’s mobile device into the car. Robustness and compatibility are guaranteed. As well as safety and performance.


  • Multiple active USB-C ports
  • Simultaneous data transfer and battery charging or dedicated charger
  • Supports Apple CarPlay/Andriod Auto/Baidu CarLife
  • 3 A Type-C Fast Charging
  • Apple® Charging up to 2.4 A
  • Battery Charging BC1.2
  • Power Delivery up to 100 W
  • Line Compensation
  • USB 3.1 (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Suitable for Automotive
  • Alternate Mode (e.g. Audio, Video, HDMI®, SD™ Card)
  • Port illumination (optional)
  • Apple® Authentication Coprocessor (optional) Laird is Apple® MFi licensee since 2008
  • Compatible with Apple® and Android charging cables