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Smartphone Integration

Driving a New Conversation

Recent studies show that 7 out of 10 people use their smartphones while driving and by 2023, there will be 7.17 billion smartphone users, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report. Most people today can’t imagine driving without their smartphone—and for good reasons. Beyond placing a call, smartphones deliver more functionality than ever before.

While driving, smartphone users can now:

• Navigate GPS and infotainment (podcasts, internet radio and playlists).
• Use voice-controlled texting.
• Customize vehicle settings such as air conditioning and seat positions.
• Transfer data to cloud-based servers and use essential apps.
• View applications mirrored in the car display using OEM-manufactured software kits.

Smarter and Easier Integration

Powerful charging meets best-in-class reception in Laird’s 2-part smartphone integration system.

We make integrating smartphones easy using two system components:

1. The Laird Wireless Charging System, which ensures that passengers’ smartphones comfortably and reliably charge.

2. Laird Antenna Coupling combined with the Laird Compenser,® which guarantees the best reception of data by compensating for any connection passengers may lose while driving.

Together, our system provides the perfect in-vehicle experience designed to satisfy smartphone users wherever they go.

Removing Wires, Increasing Performance