BL600 Apps and Utilities

Laird's smartBASIC modules are supported by several libraries and applications for both desktop and mobile platforms. On this page you'll find Laird Applications on GitHub and Laird Toolkit on Google Play Store / iTunes App Store.

Laird Applications on GitHub

Laird provides sample applications and software on GitHub for all smartBASIC modules. Laird's GitHub library is freely available at

New! UwTerminalX from Laird is a cross-platform (Windows / Linux / Mac) open-source utility for communicating, compiling / downloading (to flash memory) and interacting with Laird's range of smartBASIC modules.  UwTerminalX brings many benefits, including:

  • Online XCompiler (beta)
  • Open Source (users can change and enhance via source on GitHub)
  • Better error lookup descriptions
  • Can check for automatic updates online
  • Better configuration UI
  • Logging enhancements

UwTerminalX is also available with two companion applications:  MultiDeviceLoader and TermNotify:

  • MultiDeviceLoader - Allows a user to XCompile an application and load it to up to 10 modules.  Provides an additional option for production programming and testing.
  • TermNotify - Creates a clickable system notification when a new device is connected to a serial port.  On click, the notification launces UwTerminalX with that serial port selected.

Links to all applications can be found below:

Laird Toolkit for iOS and Android

The new Laird Toolkit App contains a selection of useful applications that enable simple and easy to use mobile communication to customers of Laird’s smartBASIC powered Bluetooth v4.0 modules (BL600 and BT900 series).

This app contains examples for testing functionality of Bluetooth Smart enabled devices for a variety of sensors including heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, temperature sensor and a proximity sensor. Additionally, this improved Toolkit includes applications for testing and enabling connectivity for:

  • OTA download of smartBASIC applications to Laird modules
  • Batch send a series of interactive commands to Laird modules
  • Serial enablement of virtual Serial Port (vSP) to Laird modules for cable replacement applications

Now includes Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) for use with our BT900.

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