BT900 Series

Introduction to the BT900 Series featuring Cyclops

An introduction to Laird’s Bluetooth v4.0 dual mode BT900 modules, which reduce the engineering burden and design risk of integrating Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy. Laird proves just how easy it is to integrate the BT900 by showcasing Cyclops, a real world demonstration of smart, simple, Bluetooth integration. Cyclops is a demonstration of a fully-featured solution powered by the BT900. It is a conceptual design that showcases the BT900's strengths.View the video to learn more about the BT900 and Laird's Cyclops barcode scanner design. 


BT900: Loading smartZ

smartZ is a smartBASIC application loaded onto the BT900 and is a tool that allows BT900 dev kit purchasers to get up and running quickly. This is the first of three video demonstrations. Find out where to find the sample application and how to load it onto the BT900 in this demo.

The Laird smartZ application provides commands that are similar to the BlueZ commands used on Linux which makes it easy for BlueZ users to interact with the BT900 module through this application. In addition, the simplicity of the commands makes using the smartZ application relatively easy for all users

BT900: General Commands and Using smartZ to show SPP Connections

Get up and running quickly with smartZ. Find out how to Use the smartZ sample application to make a BT classic serial port profile (SPP) connection from the BT900 to a Windows 7 PC running the Microsoft BT stack. This is the second of three video demonstrations.

Using smartZ to Demonstrate BLE Central Role/ GATT Client Functionality with the BT900

In this demo, the smartZ sample application shows the BT900 responding to an advert from a BL600 using the health thermometer profile. This demo follows on from our previous demos, Loading smartZ and General Commands and Using smartZ to Show SPP Connections.

View further BT900 applications by visiting Laird BT900 smartBASIC Applications.

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