Bluetooth Low Energy

As a world leader in short-range wireless connectivity, Laird offers the widest range of high-performance classic Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) modules for data and audio applications. With over a decade of experience in the development and production of Bluetooth wireless modules and associated development kits, we are the ideal Bluetooth technology partner for OEMs.

The Laird Bluetooth product portfolio is designed to expedite time to market with the minimum development time required. The radio modules are agency approved and offer feature-rich protocols in an assortment of data rates, ranges (power), and configurations. Our highly reliable Bluetooth modules are easily integrated and can be readily customized by our local support teams to meet your precise requirements.

Coming Soon: BL654 BLE + NFC Module!

BLE Proximity Demo with Whisper Mode

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner- Cyclops Demonstration

Laird's Ron Seide on the Internet of Things

Introducing the Laird BT900 Series featuring Cyclops

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Configure the BT830 Quickly and Easily with BooTpatch from Laird

BLE iBeacon Demonstration

BL600 Profile Demonstration-Temperature

BL600 Profile Demonstration-Proximity