Laird Engineers have end-to-end system knowledge and employ advanced, proprietary design tools to bring new thinking and creative designs to market with unrivalled performance that adds value in every application, including best-in-class antenna solutions for fixed and mobile clients, base stations, iDAS, wireless backhaul, M2M, RFID, portable radios, telematics and many other applications.

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Introducing Laird's FlexMIMO Antenna

An overview of the world's first PIFA antenna for Wi-Fi MIMO applications. 

Laird Low PIM Antenna Design and Testing Capability

At Laird, we invest our time and resources in Research and Development with a focus on new and innovative technologies. We develop our very own Design and Testing Capabilities to ensure the best quality antennas with truly verified low passive intermodulation (PIM) , a key market differentiator that has positioned us as the leader of the industry. Visit Antenna and Reception Solutions for more information.

Laird Smart Antennas & Artificial Intelligence Optimization

With decades of experience in antenna design, Laird's proprietary knowledge and techniques combine to create antennas with unmatched performance across the industry. 

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Laird RFID Antenna Solutions