Bluetooth Product Selector

The Laird Bluetooth Selection Tool helps you find the most suitable Bluetooth module for your application. There are many Bluetooth options available from Laird Technologies. This tool makes recommendations based on your requirements.

To discover the best Bluetooth module for you, select the options that best meet your application's needs. Some options you may hover over for more detail. The tool recommends several Laird Bluetooth modules. Click the recommended modules for additional information such as product briefs, videos, and application notes. If you have any questions, email

Does your application require the module to: 
Send Data  Send Audio  Both 
If audio, which type: 
Stereo  Mono telephony   
Version of Bluetooth Specification: 
BT v 2.0 BT v 2.1  BT v 4.0 - 4.2 
If Bluetooth Version 4.0 - 4.2: 
Single-mode  Dual-mode   
Main Interface for connection to host controller: 
Bluetooth Class (Output Power): 
Class 1 / Long Range (50m to 1000m)  Class 2 / Short Range (0m to 50m)   
Required antenna option: 
External Antenna  Integrated Antenna   
Concurrent Connections: 
Point to Point  Point to Multipoint - UP TO 3 Connections  Point to Multipoint - UP TO 7 Connections