Custom Solutions

Laird designs and manufactures customized, performance‐critical products for advanced electronics and wireless systems. Every application is unique, with its own set of environmental demands and performance requirements. To optimize performance and long life operation, an application could require a customized liquid cooling solution. For example, the type of coolant used will depend on the desired control temperature.  

Liquid cooling systems can also be quite complex and require temperature control of multiple liquid circuits or multiple pressure drop settings in order to accommodate low and high-pressure conditions. Laird has experience with both and offers global engineering design services that support onsite concept generation, thermal modeling, mechanical and electrical design and rapid prototyping. The company also offers validation test services to meet unique compliance standards for each industry, such as UL and MIL‐STDs, or a unique standard specific to a medical, industrial or semiconductor account.

Laird offers customers unique product solutions, with a seamless network of manufacturing and customer support facilities across the globe. Laird partners with customers to customize product solutions for applications in many industries including:

  • Aerospace & defense
  • Analytical
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial laser
  • Mobile communications
  • Network equipment
  • Semiconductor
  • Telecommunications
  • X‐Ray scanning