Signal Integrity

Laird is a leading global supplier of custom-designed and manufactured filters such as chip beads, cable cores and common mode chokes for use in wireless handsets, data devices, printers, computers and consumer electronics. Our nickel-zinc ferrite parts are used extensively in the suppression of electromagnetic interference in the transmission, reception, and processing of electronic signals and data.

Ferrite materials exhibit varying magnetic properties depending on the frequency at which they are excited. In electronic applications, the relation of the magnetic loss to frequency is used to design the equivalent of band pass filters, attenuating high frequency interference where the material's losses are high, yet passing lower bands where data is carried. By changing the composition of ferrite, it is possible to enhance attenuation in selected frequency ranges. We have therefore developed a family of ferrites with varying compositions to allow the user to manage every type of application, from pulse transformers to ground fault interrupters.

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