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With more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing batteries and battery chargers, Laird has developed an unrivalled range of power products from lithium-ion, lithium-polymer, and NiMH batteries through to the very latest battery charging devices. Our North American design laboratories are equipped with specialist circuit design software and proprietary electrical testing software, facilitating the customization of products to your specifications. With experts in circuit design, ruggedized solutions and charger design, Laird offers industry-leading power product solutions for the consumer electronics, remote control, and telecommunication industries.

Laird’s thin film thermoelectric materials deliver the world’s smallest thermoelectric generator (eTEG) with the highest output power density. Useful for waste heat conversion applications, the thin-film eTEG can deliver electrical power generation in energy-limited locations. The eTEG is produced using a scalable, cost-effective manufacturing process, and can be used for applications in markets such as: automotive, government and aerospace, industrial medical and wireless sensor networks.

Our new wireless charging modules build on our reputation as a leader in ferrite products, offering high performance and reliability through the utilisation of carefully selected ferrite materials. Beyond the standard modules, we offer custom parts and designs for specialist applications.

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