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Optimized Placement of Microwave Absorbers on High Speed Digital Channels

Laird has published a white paper containing evidence why effective placement of microwave absorbers can meet design requirements of today’s thinner, smaller, cramped-for-space mobile devices and other densely configured systems.

Laird’s Connectivity Solutions Helps Airthings Wave Bring Wireless innovations to Smart Radon Monitoring.

Airthings Wave Smart Radon Dectectors Utilize Laird’s SaBLE-x Bluetooth Wireless Modules to Provide Homeowners both Real-Time and Long-Term Indoor Air Quality Data Intelligence.

When bringing innovative new technologies to market that establish an entirely new category of wireless products, being first-to-market with an intuitive, dependable solution is key to establishing the critical leadership position in that emerging category. For Airthings, leading innovators in radon detection technology, getting their newest solution for homeowners to market in record time was paramount to their new product’s success.

Realizing the Benefits of 802.11ac Wave 2

In the years since the first wireless networking specification (802.11b) was ratified in 1999, Wi-Fi has expanded and evolved from a consumer amenity into a vital, mission critical tool for the enterprise. Today wireless mobility is near ubiquitous, and the number of devices connecting to wireless networks is expanding exponentially. 

5G mmWave Materials - Applications, Materials and Characterization

In order to deliver the large increase in wireless data transfer needed for the new 5G wireless standard, spectrum in the millimeter wave range will be needed. There is simply not enough available spectrum in the sub 6GHz range. The millimeter wave range is largely unregulated with wide chunks of available bandwidth making it ideal for data transfer applications.

This paper discusses absorber technologies and their uses in 5G mmWave systems. It identifies Laird absorbers for this frequency range and describes how they are tested and characterized.


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Thermal and EMI Issues in Optical Modules

One of the goals of 5G is an order of magnitude increase in the quantity of data delivered. To support this increase the internet infrastructure must see upgrades in data transfer speed. Currently the bulk of internet traffic propagates via fiber optic lines. These are used due to their extremely wide bandwidth and low loss for data transmission over long distances. However, in order to perform necessary routing functions, this optical signal must be converted to an RF signal.

Learn how to solve common issues in high speed optical modules needed for 5G.


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Success Story - Laird Remote Control Systems - Modernizing the World's Aerospace Industry

Download Success Story - Laird Remote Control Systems - Modernizing the World's Aerospace Industry PDF

The world relies on air travel. From commercial jetliners to military aircraft and even aerospace; the importance of using the latest technology advancements is paramount to ensuring the safety of manufacturing processes and the clients end-user passengers—human or scientific.

Laird remote control solutions is key component in today’s most advanced processes.

Quick-Turn Tooling From Model Solution

With acquisition of South Korea-based Model Solution, Laird is committed to providing the highest quality products while delivering all aspects of innovation, reliable fulfillment and speed to give customers reliability in manufacturing, leading designs with superior service and speed of delivery.  
Being located near key customers and having the ability to turn around prototypes within hours, Model Solution’s rapid prototyping capabilities enhances existing design innovation and manufacturing proficiencies within Laird to deliver a wider portfolio of capabilities to customers. 

Public Safety Antenna Co-Engineered to Withstand High Power and Dissipate Heat

In 2010, a major government public safety agency set out to improve and enhance their current radio communications system. In order to continue to carry out their mission, improved interoperability between regions was necessary.  In cases where units from multiple regions were deployed to support an incident, a need for frequency pairing operating on wide spacing was crucial to minimize interference.  A vital part of this project was increasing the separation between transmit and receive frequencies which then required the installation of high quality wideband lowband antennas.

Blue Maestro: Innovative Bluetooth Smart Thermometer

Blue Maestro has invented the Tempo, a smart thermometer that sends data from the ergonomic sensor to a smartphone or tablet application via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This product can be used in a variety of ways ranging from home applications such as monitoring a baby`s nursery through to business applications where one  Canadian customer is using Tempos in his caviar business.

DaimlerChrylser qualifies ECCOSORB® GDS in Short-Range Radar System for Mercedes

A company leading the market in automotive safety is working with DaimlerChrysler and Mercedes to provide a high-end protection system to decrease the number of auto accidents.