Understanding the Enterprise Internet of Things

Enterprise Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is an exciting new concept, allowing previously unconnectable devices to connect to the internet. Everything from your coffee pot to your tennis shoes can function smarter and provide you with useful information once connected to the internet. The Internet of Things enables that exchange, opening new and exciting possiblities. The Internet of Things, however, is not just for the consumer space, there will be several unique benefits and unique challenges in the Enterprise Internet of Things, or EIoT. These challenges include ensuring reliable connectivity, security and authentication, encryption, and scalability. 

Embedded Wireless modules are a key part of the path to this exciting future, providing the best security, power management, and interoperability, First class software will provide a trusted, robust path to expanding the networks of the future. Powerful and resource conscious hardware will enable faithful connection for weeks or months on a small battery. 

With this unprecedented device connectivity will come insights and efficiency that no one can yet imagine. Just the same, there will be problems the outlines of which are only starting to take shape, such as: 

  • Connecting both new and legacy devices from an array of vendors working to sometimes opposing standards
  • Authenticating small, power-constrained devices and encrypting their traffic presents security challenges yet to be resolved
  • Connecting Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy devices to IP networks over other wireless transports like Wi-Fi and LTE will require new approaches
  • Making information from the deluge of data resulting from the IoT will call for a more distributed computing model 

View the clips below to learn more about the key topics surrounding Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy in the Internet of Things: 


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