Critical Medical Applications

Reliable Connectivity For Critical Medical Applications

A hospital is a complex organization that deals with a great deal of data, including critical and sensitive patient data, in a very challenging RF environment. Much of that data is generated by the thousands of medical devices that operate within a hospital. Over the last several years, there has been a dynamic shift in the types of medical devices found within a hospital. What were once nomadic computing devices, such as a heavy laptop or computer station, have now transformed into small, lightweight mobile devices. Nomadic devices of yesterday did not require constant connectivity nor did they move around frequently. Today’s portable medical devices often are used while the user moves from one place to the next and require a persistent network connection. Therefore, medical devices create an even greater challenge for hospitals when it comes to running persistent applications.

These medical devices, such as tablets, infusion pumps, and even body-worn patient monitors are constantly on the move and require a consistent connection. Critical data transferred on a daily basis include confidential patient records, billing information, and so forth being sent to the Electronic Health Records (EHR). Consequently, it is imperative that each data packet is received and not lost in the massive shuffle of medical data. The 5 GHz band helps to ensure that these data packets are able to securely transmit in this harsh RF environment. Medical devices must also ensure the highest level of security for their patients’ safety and privacy.

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Benefits of Laird for Medical Applications: 

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Full Certification-Bluetooth SIG, FCC, IC, CE, and MIC
  • Global Technical Support and Integration Assistance
  • Security - WPA2-Enterprise Security and FIPS 140-2 (Ready out of the box with WB form factor)
  • Advanced Scanning and Roaming for a reliable stream of data

Medical Applications: 

  • Infusion Pumps
  • Patient Monitor
  • Body-worn Sensors 

Suggested Solutions 

WB45NBT: Wireless Bridge Communications System WB40NBT: Complete Wireless Communications Subsystem MSD45N: Enterprise-Grade SDIO Dual-Band 802.11
BT800: Bluetooth v4.0 USB HCI Module BT900 Series: Intelligent Dual-Mode BTv4.0 Module featuring smartBASIC BL600: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module