Welcome to LairdLab: Our Validation & Testing Services in Bochum/Germany



Validation of products with regard to electromagnetic compatibility according to international standards concerning the electromagnetic emissions and immunity.


Test of the influence of environmental conditions, like e.g. temperature, humidity and UV Radiation on a product.

Audio and Acoustics

Specialized on audio and speech quality on communication devices, focused on automotive environment, e.g. hands-free and eCall speech quality.


Laird product validation services offers the relevant and practical cross-over knowledge to add real value at the critical stage of your product development. We do not stick to a narrow view by staying within the confines of “pass/fail” testing.

Identification of Issues

We take a hard look at your product and figure out exactly what to test and which criteria to use. If needed, we take a failed product apart to identify the module or functional block that is causing the problem – and show you how to fix it.


And we don’t simply drop a pass/fail report in your in-box. We interpret and analyse the results, recommend possible changes and enhancements.

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