Quick-Turn Tooling From Model Solution

With acquisition of South Korea-based Model Solution, Laird is committed to providing the highest quality products while delivering all aspects of innovation, reliable fulfillment and speed to give customers reliability in manufacturing, leading designs with superior service and speed of delivery.  
Being located near key customers and having the ability to turn around prototypes within hours, Model Solution’s rapid prototyping capabilities enhances existing design innovation and manufacturing proficiencies within Laird to deliver a wider portfolio of capabilities to customers. 

Capability Highlight: Quick-Turn Tooling 

Model Solution has extensive knowledge and expertise on manufacturing of quick-turn tools as well as production tools to suite customers’ project characteristics. Tool materials vary from aluminum to pre-hardened steel being selected based on particular complexity of each component and their expected tool’s life.
Model Solution’s quick turn tooling system consists of a master unit die (MUD) frame and block with details such as the sprue and runner systems, leader pins, water lines and ejector returns already part of the system. You pay for only the mold cavity and core details. Model Solution can build dedicated quick turn-tools to fit into MUD units or inserts to be put into our quick-turn tooling system. 
Quick-turn tools have lots of advantage in terms of tool manufacturing lead-time and its economy. The mission of 5 to 7 days turnaround time, however, is considered as great benefit that Model Solution can offer outstandingly. Cosmetic surface texture level can be achieved as defined by Mold-Tech or SPI. 

Visit www.model-solution.com for more information on Model Solution's model making, quick-turn tooling & injection molding, and machining & stamping capabilities.

Example Models and Protptypes