Wireless Charging


With Laird Wireless Charging, mobile devices can be charged smoothly and quickly without any cable. No unaesthetic cradles anymore! However the phone is placed in the tray – a multi-coil system always ensures the best possible charging.

The core technology of the Laird car charging station is Qi. Qi is an internationally valid Interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. It is based on the principle of inductive coupling by using a magnetic field. The charging process automatically starts; and it switches off, if the battery is full or the device is removed. In the case that the end user smartphone is not compatible with the Qi standard, the system switches off immediately and protects the smartphone from any interference.

Wireless Charging is an environmentally friendly product. It enables an intelligent power management which optimizes the energy consumption with sleep mode, reduces heat dissipation as well as cooling measures. Cables are not used which save on regular replacement of them. In addition, wireless charging in a vehicle enables a safer driving experience.

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• Multi Coil Solution

• PCB Coils / Litz Wire Coils

• Flexible Ferrite (for automotive)

• Permanent and optimal charging capacity (independently from the mobile device’s position in the tray)

• Based on Qi standard (WPC = Wireless Power Consortium)

• CAN/LIN compatible

• Signalization via CAN/LIN, LED

• Smart Device Cooling (active and passive)

• Key-Fob Intereference Reduction (Self-contained, initiated by car)

• Fullfilment of all automotive requirements

• Cyber Security Concept

• Best reception combined with the Laird Antenna Coupling

• WPC full member

• NFC-Forum associated member

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