802.11 a/b/g/n Enterprise Wi-Fi + BT

The Laird WB45NBT provides complete enterprise-class Wi-Ficonnectivity with an integrated TCP/IP stack, full support for IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth4.0 dual-mode air standards with a fully integrated security supplicant providing 802.11i/WPA2 Enterprise authentication, data encryption, and BT protocol stacks. The WB45NBT has a wide variety of interfaces including Fast Ethernet, serial UART, Hi-Speed USB, SPI, and I2C. The wireless bridge may be configured, monitored, and managed via a Command Line Interface (CLI) over an available dedicated console port, via a web interface over a wireless or Ethernet interface, or via a remote SDK interface over wireless or Ethernet.

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The WB45NBT incorporates a Wi-Fi SiP module using Qualcomm Atheros AR6003 which supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n. The CSR (CSR8510) Bluetooth chip supports Bluetooth standard 4.0 which includes the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and legacy modes. The product features an ARM9 processor running at 400 MHz, 64 MB of Lower Power DDR (LPDDR) memory, and 128 MB of NAND flash storage running at 1.8 V to minimize power consumption. Several GPIO lines are available for data acquisition and similar applications. The platform runs an embedded Linux operating system based on the 3.x kernel. A Software Developer's Kit (SDK) with Application Programming Interfaces (API) and software tools are available for the development of custom software applications on the device.

The WB45NBT measures 40 mm long by 40 mm wide by 3.8 mm thick. The wireless bridge physically interfaces to the host device via an 80 pin board to board (B2B) connector (Molex SlimStack 54722 Series 80 Pin Connector P/N 54722-0804), which mates to a 1.5 mm stacking height mating part from Molex 55560 Series P/N 55560-0804. The WB45NBT may be secured to the host device via available grounded mounting holes. The WB45NBT operates at temperatures between -20 and + 70 degrees Celsius.

Contingent on compliance results, WB45NBT is a fully integrated module. It has its own RF shielding and does not require shielding provided by the host device into which it is installed in order to maintain compliance with applicable regulatory standards. As such, the device may be tested in a standalone configuration via a breakout board (SDC-BB45NBT).

The WB45NBT provides three U.FL type antenna connectors; the Main antenna (for Wi-Fi) and the Auxiliary (for Bluetooth) work separately to get the best coexistence performance. A third antenna connector multiplexes both the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth signals into a single RF port through the use of a T/R switch however, this mode of operation is currently not supported. Supported host device antenna types include dipole and monopole antennas.

Regulatory operational requirements are included in this document and may be incorporated into the operating manual of any device into which the WB45NBT is installed. The WB45NBT is designed for installation into mobile devices which typically operate at distances greater than 20 cm from the human body and portable devices which typically operate at distances less than 20 cm from the human body.

NOTE: Our statement about Shellshock -

Recently a flaw was discovered in the Unix Bash shell that creates attack vulnerabilities in Linux machines. Note that this vulnerability does NOT apply to the Laird WB45NBT or WB40NBT (our wireless bridge communications subsystems). The following are the main reasons why this issue isn't relevant to these products:

- Our WB45NBT and WB40NBT do not use Bash, the affected shell.

- These products never pass unfiltered or unvalidated user input to any shell script.

- Rather than CGI shell scripts, we use PHP which is not vulnerable to this attack.

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