Overview: TRA(B)24/49003(P)

Laird mobile antennas and accessories are the world standard for reliable, high performance communication parts. Established in-market presence and innovative design techniques, with verified product specifications and a variety of connection options adds to the Laird reputation for rugged reliability in hazardous situations and harsh environments. As the industry leader in mobile antenna products and accessories Laird produces antennas and accessories in a diverse number of styles and configurations. To ensure maxmum reliability antennas and accessories are engineered and manufactured to deliver optimum performance within published specifications in operational critical applications.
  • Antenna Gain
    0.7/0.6 dBi
  • Antenna Pattern
  • Antenna Type
  • Color
  • Frequency Band (MHz)
  • Impedance (Ohm)
  • Industries
    • Public safety

    • Transportation

    • Utility

    • Military mobile

    • Fixed radio applications
  • Input Power
    max. 100
  • Other
    Frequency Band

    ISM 2.4-2.5 GHz / 4.9-5.85 GHz

    Peak Gain (dBi) 0.7

    Azimuth Cut Phi=0° 0.9

    Peak Gain (dBi) 0.6

    Elevation Cut Phi=90° 5.7

    Elevation Beamwidth 30°

    at Half-Power 65°

    Azimuth Beamwidth 130°

    at Half-Power 230°

    Antenna Dimensions 1.44”(36.5 mm)dia x 2.3”(58.4 mm)H

    Pattern omni-directional

    Termination NMO and Permanent Mount

    w/ N Female Connector
  • Polarization
    Vertical and Horizontal
  • Product Line
  • Temperature Range
    -40.00° - 85.00° C (-40° - 185° F)
  • VSWR
    <2:1 (includes 6ft of ATX195)

    <3:1 (no coaxial cable)
  • Weight
    0.113 (kg), 0.25 (lbs)



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