Tputty 508

Laird Tputty™ 508 is a single part dispensable material designed with automation and vertical stability in mind.  Laird has leveraged its knowledge of thermally conductive fillers and resin systems to develop a single part dispensable that demonstrates reliability in a variety of application orientations.


Tputty™ 508 is ideal for applications that can benefit from automation, and allows minimization of SKUs in applications with gap variability.  In addition to providing application flexibility and variable gap adaptation, Tputty™ 508 will exert minimum stress on your component while maintaining interface contact to maximize thermal transfer.  Combined with Laird’s global technical support and global footprint, deploying Tputty™ 508 is easier than ever.


When it is time to integrate Tputty 508 into your production environment Laird can work with your existing dispensing partner or provide recommendations for a dispensing equipment provider.


RoHS Compliant

Available in 180cc cartridges, 10kg pails, and 20kg pails

Complete Dispensing Solution Options Available

3.7 W/mK

Demonstrated thermal cycling stability

Low outgassing per ASTM E595

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