SWC4242KB120-100 - WPC Receiver Coil


Overview: SWC4242KB120-100

Improve charging efficiency and reliability, reduce device thickness and minimize EMI

Laird SWC RX module offers an innovative approach to improve charging efficiency and reliability, reduce device thickness while minimizing EMI. These product series can meet or satisfy WPC Qi or PMA standards and requirements

• Compatible with WPC Qi Standard,

• Operating temperature -40? to +85?

•Assembled with thin and flexible sintered ferrite sheet

•Optimized Q for highest possible charging efficiency

  • Applications
    •Mobile phones
    •Hand-held electronic devices
    •Battery pack or any devices that need
    contactless power
  • Dimension A
    38.00 mm
  • Dimension B
    38.00 mm
  • Dimension C
    42.00 mm
  • Dimension D
    42.00 mm
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SWC4242KB120-100 - WPC Receiver Coil

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