RWC2727AH070-300 - Wireless Charging Transmitter Coil Assembly

Overview: RWC2727AH070-300

3D shaped shielding solution

Minimize magnetic field leakage and improve shielding effectiveness

Improve wireless charging efficiency

Laird offers small size coil assembled with 3D-shaped ferrite shielding.

It is primarily designed for wireless charging transmitter to enable best possible charging speed and efficiency for wearables and other small size electronic devices that requires contactless power charging because of convenience, hygiene or water proof considerations.

•Assembled with 3D-shaped ferrite shielding and Litz coil

•For low power application (up to 1.5A or 5W)

•Compatible with tightly coupled charging standard (e.g., WPC)

•Wide operating temperature -40 degrees centigrade to +85 degrees centigrade

  • Additional Description
    1.Inductance tested at 200KHz,1V
    2.Operating temperature range: -40 degrees centigrade ~ +85 degrees centigrade (Including self-heating)
    3.Storage temperature range (packaging conditions): -10 degrees centigrade ~ +40 degrees centigrade
    and RH 70%(MAX)
  • Applications
    •Wireless power transmitter for wearables, electronic gadgets, smart car keys (FOB), small medical devices that requires contactless charging for convenience, hygiene or water proof
    •General low power wireless charging applications requires contoured ferrite for better efficiency in limited space
  • Dimension A
    27.00 mm
  • Dimension C
    4.20 mm
  • Dimension D
    49.36 mm
  • Dimension E
    7.00 mm
  • Dimension F
    10.00 mm
  • Industries
    wearables, small consumer electronics, personal medical devices, automotive
  • Product Benefits
    •Enable faster charging speed and efficiency in limited spaces
    •Minimize magnetic field leakage
    •Enhanced product quality, easy to assemble
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RWC2727AH070-300 - Wireless Charging Transmitter Coil Assembly

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