The PDQ244915 operates within 2400-2500 / 4900-5950 MHz and the antenna is a 4-port dual-band, dual polarized directional panel antenna for use in 802.11n MIMO indoor and outdoor applications.


The antenna is an excellent choice for high density WiFi applications where adjacent interference is of concern. The dual-band frequency coverage means that a single type of antenna can be deployed with any MIMO radio in the 2400-2500 MHz and 4900-5950 MHz bands. In addition, the uniform and symmetrical radiation patterns will provide a high-level signal density into engineered coverage areas.


- 4 port MIMO wideband capability at 2400-2500 MHz / 4900-5950 MHz all in one ultra thin, compact housing.

- Four (4) radiating elements optimized for indoor & outdoor 802.11 MIMO applications.

-IP67 dust & water ingress rating & RoHS compliant.

-Industry leading Five (5) year limited warranty.

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