Overview: NMOHPC High Frequency - High Performance Mount

This permanent NMO mount provides extended frequency range up 6 GHz. This allows antennas in frequency ranges above traditional LMR195 equivalent frequencies to be deployed.

-High-performance up to 6 GHz.

-78 Rockwell Hardness brass material resists corrosion.

-Gold plated contact provides superior conductivity.

-Available coax options: LMR195 equivalent, 17' RG58A/U or 17' RG58U.

-Available in other coax lengths and connector options.

  • Antenna Type
    LMR Mobile Antenna Mounts / Mounting Kits
  • Applications
    -Land mobile radio
    -Public Safety
    -Industrial & Commercial Communications


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Arcadian Antenna Sales +1-888-925-5967
Digi-Key Corporation US:1-800-344-4539 International:218-681-6674
Hutton Communications +1-877-648-8866
Mouser Electronic (Antennas) US: 1-800-346-6873
Sager Electronics 1-800-724-3780
Sager Electronics - Eastern Region - Northeast - Wilmington, MA +1-978-658-8004
Sager Electronics - Middleoboro, MA +1-508-947-8888
Streakwave +1-888-604-5234
Talley Communications +1-800-949-7079
Tessco +1-800-472-7373
Winncom Technologies +1-888-946-6266
WPS Antennas, Rochester, MN +1-877-594-5766

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