Metal contacts
  • Metal contacts

Overview: Metal contacts

From concept to placement, Laird has developed the expertise needed to deliver custom precision surface mount contacts.  Using the latest computer simulation techniques, we provide contacts that can ground, carry current and signals, and interconnect boards and devices by using basic geometric parameters (length, width, uncompressed height, compressed height, contact force) to conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on your prospective design.  With the FEA results, we can then identify how to optimize your product’s operational performance.  We also incorporate features to provide for placement and soldering of the contact onto the circuit board.

Laird offers a wide choice of plating options to allow for the maximum electrical current carrying performance.  We have a wide array of designs in standard formats that are ready for production, and exclusive processes which selectively plate contacts with precious metals only in the necessary areas, eliminating bare edges and reducing costs.

  • Automated packaging allows for complex and small designs with lower installed costs.
  • Contact base materials include beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, nickel and stainless steel. All contacts are fully solderable as required.
  • Applications
    Handsets, Mobile Devices
  • Industries
    Telecommunications, IT, Consumer Electronics
  • Product Benefits
    Laird offers a wide range of plating options to allow for maximum electrical current carrying performance.
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Metal contacts

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