Ferrite Plates for Wireless Charging MP Series


Overview: Ferrite Plates for Wireless Charging MP Series

Laird 33P and MP series ferrite plates and RWC/SWC series modules offer an innovative approach to improve charging efficiency and reliability while minimizing EMI in wireless charging transmitter device, these product series can meet or satisfy popular wireless charging standard or requirements for WPC Qi or PMA standard.

  • Ferrite materials are Wireless Power Consortium(WPC) listed, recommended & certified for interoperability test
  • Optimized for highest charging efficiency
  • Precise dimension control and automotive grade available
  • 40C to 125C operating temperature
  • Available in wide range of size selection,
  • custom shapes are also available


Dimension (Height - mm)2.5 mm1.1 mm2.25 mm2 mm2.5 mm1.1 mm2.5 mm1.1 mm
Dimension (Length - mm)53.3 mm97.5 mm26.42 mm38 mm53 mm53.8 mm47.2 mm100 mm
Dimension (Width - mm)53 mm50 mm26.42 mm38 mm53 mm53.8 mm55.2 mm56 mm


  • Additional Description
    Lead Free Standard Catalog Part
  • Applications
    •Wireless charger for general consumer electronics,transmitter(TX) or receiver(RX)
    •Aftermarket charging pads
    •Wireless charger for Office,Residential,
    and Public Area applications
    •Wireless charger embedded solution for automobile central console, arm-rest…ect.
    •Power tools or any industrial devices that need power transmission without metallic contact
  • Industries
    Automotive, medical, consumer and industrial applications
  • Product Benefits
    •Easy assembly on customer side
    •Qi and PMA standards compliant with enhanced interoperability
    •Customized size and specs design
    •Excellent shielding performance
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Ferrite Plates for Wireless Charging MP Series

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