Custom Springs and Contacts
  • Custom Springs and Contacts

Overview: Custom Springs and Contacts

From concept to placement, Laird has developed the expertise needed to deliver custom precision grounding contacts, battery contacts, and mechanical springs. Using the latest non-linear simulation techniques and multi-platform CAD modeling capabilities we provide custom features that enable functional, assembly, and packaging requirements, which optimize customer product's operational performance.

  • Automated packaging allows for complex and small designs with lower installed costs.
  • Contact base materials include beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, nickel and stainless steel. All contacts are fully solderable as required.
  • Industries
    Telecommunications, IT, Automotive, Public Safety, Consumer, Medical, Rail, Mining and other Industrial Markets
  • Product Benefits
    Laird offers a wide range of plating options to allow for maximum electrical current carrying performance.
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Custom Springs and Contacts

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