Compenser® & Antenna Coupling®-antenna-coupling

Laird’s automotive Best Reception Solution is based on the co-work of the Antenna Coupling with a MultiBand Compenser®. The Laird antenna coupling picks the telephone Signal via near-field coupling and transmits it via cable through the MultiBand Compenser® to the exterior vehicle antenna. The Laird MultiBand Compenser® compensates for signal loss, thus ensuring outstanding data and voice transmission, improving the quality of the calls. The overall system gain is zero (0dB).

Laird Best Reception System guarantees outstanding quality of the calls made inside the vehicle. By better audio quality; higher data rates; less radiation; lower power usage; as a system without the Laird technology inside. 

Embedded system only. No aftermarket version available.

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• Compensation of signal loss (coupling of a mobile phone and radio frequencies cable inside a car)

• Data and voice transmission rates same as outdoor phone usage

• Reduced radiation levels in the vehicle

• Supporting all mobile frequency bands

• Requirements of the relevant network operators are met

• No down conversion or frequency mixing

• No SIM card, no IMEI

• Market – and vehicle – dependent customization of the product

• Antenna Coupling:

- Support of all smart devices

- Support of all current and future mobile networks incl. 2G, 3G, 4G, 4.5G, LTE.

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