Overview: CMS38606P

The CMS38606P operates within 380-6000 Mhz and is an indoor broadband low PIM omnidirectional ceiling mount antenna. It is designed to provide pattern coverage that is optimized for indoor requirements at 380-520 MHz, 600- 960 MHz, 1395-1435 MHz and 1690-6000 MHz frequency bands. The antenna features a pattern that has been specifically shaped to provide optimal performance from a ceiling mount location.

-Low Profile aesthetically neutral housing.

-Performance optimized using Laird proprietary RF optimization tools.

-IP67 rated ingression protection and RoHS compliant.

  • Antenna Gain
    3.1 dBi / 7.0 dBi
  • Antenna Pattern
  • Antenna Type
    Indoor & Outdoor Antennas
  • Applications
    Public Safety DAS, In-Building ireless, Neutral host providers, Cellular & LTE, Small cells
  • Frequency Band (MHz)
  • Product Benefits
    -Low PIM performance minimizes interference and improves in-building wireless network coverage and capacity.
    -Compliant with in-building International Fire Code (IFC) & National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations.




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