Overview: Bluetooth v4.0 Dual Mode

No External Bluetooth Stack Or Drivers Required! Laird's BT900-US product expands upon the BT900 Series of modules for embedded devices, to leverage Classic BT and Bluetooth Low Energy support to PCs, laptops and mobile computers. BT900-US provides a simple approach for adding Classic Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy into virtually any operating system with a USB port. Let Laird's innovative BT900-US and decades of expertise in Bluetooth design speed your end to end wireless application to market. In addition, Laird's smartBASIC applications allow anyone to quickly get their application up and running without any BT/BLE expertise required.

  • The BT900-US USB dongle has been developed to take advantage of the BT900-SA module, providing a simple and easy way to add Classic Bluetooth, BLE Central and BLE peripheral mode to virtually any operating system with a USB interface. Leverage the BT900-US to enable any Bluetooth SPP device or BLE sensor to communicate to any PC, laptop, or mobile computer, without any complicated installation or software support requirements. With the BT900-US bluetooth dongle, no external Bluetooth stack or drivers are required!
  • Bluetooth v4.0 dual mode (BT and BLE)
  • Virtual COM port implementation- huge array of supported Operating Systems
  • smartBASIC powers rapid design and deployment
  • Supports SPP and any BLE Peripheral or Central roles
  • Supports simultaneous BT and BLE connections
  • Standalone operation- no need for external Bluetooth stack or power supply
  • Applications
    Logistics, Barcode Scanners, ePOS, Medical Devices, Security Devices
  • Bluetooth Version
    v4.0 Dual Mode
  • Connector Type
  • Data Storage - Flash Memory
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    50.74 x 18.39 x 11.00 mm (2.00 x 0.72 x 0.43 in)
  • GPS
  • Industries
    Healthcare / Medical, Industrial / Production, Telecom, Computer / Gaming, Other
  • Logical Interfaces
    USB Pluggable
  • Max Transmit Power
    +8 dBm (maximum)
  • Operating Systems Supported
    Windows, Windows Embedded, MAC OSx, Linux, Android
  • Other
    Transmit Power Settings: Configurable down to -20 dBmWireless Specification: Bluetooth v4.0-Dual mode
  • Product Line
    Bluetooth v4.0 Dual Mode
  • Profiles
    Bluetooth Low Energy (GATT Client & Peripheral via smartBASIC) Classic Bluetooth (Serial Port Profile (SPP)-Greater than 400 kbps)
  • Receive Sensitivity
    -90 dBm (typical)
  • Weight
    .282 oz (8 g)
  • Wireless Specification
    900 Mhz



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