BELTPACK Machine Control Unit

Overview: BELTPACK

The BELTPACK Machine Control Unit (MCU) is a sophisticated on-board control unit. When partnered with the battery-operated portable Operator Control Unit (OCU) operators can control driverless locomotives in Class 1 Rail Yards. Railroads that have adopted BELTPACK as a locomotive remote control solution have significantly increased safety in their yards, reduced their operating costs, and improved their productivity. BELTPACK has been proven to reduce rail yard incidents; in some cases, the accident rate was reduced by 56%.

Dynamic Speed Control

  • Additional Description
    The Mobile Control Unit (MCU) is the "brains" of BELTPACK. It initiates proper actions (brake or power applications, etc.) to safely carry out the commands set by the BELTPACK II operator.
  • Applications
    Locomotive Remote Control
  • Frequency Range
  • GPS
  • Industries
  • Product Benefits
    Sophisticated computer-based locomotive remote control system.
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BELTPACK Machine Control Unit

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