Beltpack System
  • BELTPACK Machine Control Unit (MCU)

Overview: Beltpack

The Beltpack system is a sophisticated remote control system for Class 1 locomotives. When partnered with an Operator Control Unit (OCU), operators can control driver-less locomotives in Class 1 Rail Yards. Railroads that have adopted Beltpack as a locomotive remote control system have significantly increased safety in their yards, reduced their operating costs, and improved their productivity. Beltpack has been proven to reduce rail yard incidents; in some cases, the accident rate was reduced by 56%. The Beltpack System consists of a Locomotive Control Unit (LCU) and Operator Control Unit (OCU). 

  • The LCU is the brains of the Beltpack system. It initiates proper actions (brake or power applications, etc.) to safely carry out the commands set by the OCU.
  • The light-weight, ergonomic OCU allows the operator to set the desired direction and speed and the advanced on-board LCU continually applies the right amount of throttle or brake to maintain the selected speed regardless of track conditions.
  • See datasheets for detailed specifications on the following products:
  • OCU-III for Beltpack
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    Remote Control for Locomotives
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Beltpack System

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