Internal Cell Blade Antenna
  • Asset Tracking Internal Antenna Cellular Blade
  • Asset Tracking Internal Antenna Cellular Blade
  • Asset Tracking Internal Antenna Cellular Blade

Overview: Cellular Blade

The Blade antenna provides versatile options for stealth applications and includes AMPS GSM DCS and PCS cellular radio frequencies. The antenna provides multiple application options with high gain performance and measures only 125.5 x 34 x 5.1mm allowing covert installation into vehicle interiors. The antenna can be paired with the Internal GPS antenna part #63703 to support combined cellular plus GPS function. Laird is a leading supplier of mobile antenna solutions for automotive asset tracking and consumer electronics industries. Products include cellular antennas (AMPS GSM/DCS/PCS UMTS) GPS antennas entertainment antennas (AM/FM DAB DVB-T Satellite radio TV) mobile communication antennas (BluetoothDSRC RKE TPMS WiFi) satellite communication antennas and battery packs. Leveraging our experience in M2M wireless modules Laird also designs smart antennas integrating functionalities such as cellular WiFi and Bluetoothmodems GPS receivers and vehicle networking. All of these capabilities can be further integrated into M2M Devices that add control electronics and firmware to provide the latest evolution in telematics systems.

  • Slim flexible design for easy integration into vehicles
  • Compact ideally suited for stealth applications
  • Maximum passive gain within form factor
  • Low total-cost implementation
  • Easy installation
  • Easy concealment
  • Small package size
  • Meets enhanced environmental specifications
  • Additional Description
    Order with 63703 for a combination GPS/Cellular solution. Part #63742.
  • Applications
  • Cable
    Cabel Length 4000 mm, cabel type RG-174
  • Connector Type
    SMB Fakra Plug (Violet)
  • Dimensions (Length)
    34.00 mm (1.34 in)
  • Frequency Range (AMPS - Min)
    824-894 MHz
  • Impedance (Ohm)
    (AMPS) 50, (DCS)50, (GPS) 50, (GSM) 50, (PCS) 50
  • Industries
  • Ingress Protection
  • Mounting
    Method - Velcro Adhesive
  • Peak Gain
    (DSC) 3.5 dBi(AMPS)824-894 MHz, (DSC) 1710-1880 MHz, (GPS)3.5 dBic @ Boresight, (PCS) 1850-1990 MHz
  • Product Line
    Cellular Blade
  • Radome
    Material - Cycoloy
  • Vibration
    10-1000 Hz vibration 1 hour 3 axis



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Internal Cell Blade Antenna

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