AC4790 Series

900MHz Radio Module

The high-performance AC4790 radio modules utilize Laird's masterless protocol, allowing each radio module to communicate with any other in-range radio module for true peer-to-peer operation. Using field-proven 900MHz FHSS technology that needs no additional site licensing*, AC4790s reject interference, enable co-located system operation, and ensure data integrity. The AC4790's protocol features a dynamic addressing scheme, that simplifies node-to-node communication. The radio module enables identification of the most efficient transmission path, so OEMs can design routing sequences that optimize the RF network. This makes the AC4790 ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications that must rely on smooth, constant data flow. Developer tools and comprehensive technical support are available to aid integration. Let Laird help you find the best fit for your application.

Note: Some variants of the AC4790 and related DVK and SDK variants have reached end of production and are available on a limited basis only. Find the End of Life Announcement in the Documentation tab below. Only the following part numbers are affected:

- AC4790-1000M-485

- AC4790-200A

- AC4790LR-200M

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Laird Technologies’ RF232™ embedded transparent protocol simplifies the OEM’s integration process by providing drop-in installation. As each radio module receives raw data, it manages the over-the-air protocol to assure successful communication. Headers, data packet length, and CRCs are not required. The AC4790’s flexible “masterless” topology supports simple cable-replacement up to complex peer-to-peer configuration. It allows you to broadcast to all radio modules or address packets to a specific destination using unique MAC addresses embedded in each radio module.

RF Protocol Modes

Communication: Unicast (one-to-one addressing), Broadcast (one-to-multiple addressing)

Acknowledgement mode (ACK): API with hardware and/or software, ACK indication

Ultra-fast sync time: Up to 25 simultaneous conversations, Intelligent self-extending session time requires only one 25 msec sync

Sense adjust software-controlled RF desensitizer wards off interference

Random back-off

Network node discovery

Dynamic radio data table: Retains data from up to 8 radio modules

Interface Protocol

On-the-fly radio module configuration: Full API control, Destination address, RF transmit power, RF channel, Broadcast/addressed

Raw data or transmit/receive API

Long range mode, enables sensitivity control

Generic A/D, D/A generic I/Os

Variable baud rate

RF packet size, timeout control

Onboard temperature sensor

Handshaking, CTS/RTS

Session indicator

Error detection: Onboard CRC, Duplicate packet filtering

Data encryption standard (DES)

Additional AC4790 Products:

• AC4790-200M

• AC4790-1000

• AC4790-200A

• True peer-to-peer protocol

• Ultra-fast sync time (25 msec)

• Small form factor: 1.65 x 1.9 inches

• API commands to control packet routing

• Software-adjustable sensitivity

• Network node discovery

• Variable output power: 5mW to 1000mW

• Range up to 20 miles

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