Bluetooth v4.0 Central Mode

The BL620 makes it easy to add single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), also known as Bluetooth Smart, to small, portable, power-conscious devices, including those powered by AAA or coin cell batteries. The BL620 offers central mode, unique in the BL600 series. The unique feature of this module is smartBASIC, an event-driven programming language that enables standalone operation of the module. smartBASIC on BL620 enables wireless connections to peripheral devices that are in turn connected to sensors so that the data can be collected via GATT operations. smartBASIC has been proven to speed time to market and significantly simplifies BLE integration for embedded devices.

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• Central Mode for BLE v4.0 connections

• Innovative smartBASIC programming language with Laird sample app library

• Same radio hardware as BL600 (can be flashed from BL600)

• UART, SPI, I2C, ADC, and GPIO interfaces for connecting peripherals and sensors

• A complete BLE software stack

• Central role functionality with GATT client and server

Available in BL620-SA, BL620-SC, and BL620-ST variants.

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