Smart Device Vehicle Integration

For comfortable In-Vehicle use, Laird offers a complete set of solutions which solve the main market problems around the usage of smart devices in the vehicle. From our best selling product, Laird's Wireless Charging System, that charges smart devices while driving to our Antenna Couping with MultiBand Compenser® that enables best in class reception of Cellular signals for enhanced vehicle connectivity.



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Laird's Automotive Best Reception Solution is based on the co-work of the Antenna Coupling with a MultiBand Compresor®

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The average loss of signal in a mid-class vehicle is about 12 to 15 dB. This means that from a phones emitted signal within a vehicle, just 1/16 to 1/32 will penetrate to outside of the vehicle   The losses caused by the coupling and the antenna cable are fully compensated by the LTE-MBC. The mobile phone has outstanding reception comparable to as being outside the vehicle. This results in:
  • Better audio quality
  • Higher data rates
  • Less radiation
  • Lower power usage

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Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging

With Laird Wireless Charging, mobile devices can be charged smoothly and quickly without...


Car drivers use their cigarette lighter often to charge their smartphone – typically via...

Charging of mobile devices, datatransfer
Compenser® & Antenna Coupling
Compenser® & Antenna Coupling

Laird’s automotive Best Reception Solution is based on the co-work of the Antenna...

Compensation of lost phone signal in the vehicle
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