Laird, the custom antenna supplier for many of the world’s leading brands, offers state-of-the-art, turnkey OEM custom design services for a wide variety of antennas in frequencies from 30 MHz to 40 GHz. With the proliferation of diverse applications in both commercial and consumer markets, antenna design has become even more challenging for many manufacturers.

After decades of design engineering and OEM manufacturing experience, Laird’s superior design, RF engineering and testing practices have set the standard for high performance and reliability.


At Laird we know that achieving reliable, high-performance wireless connectivity hinges on how well the antenna has been designed and implemented within your product or system. We also know that every design comes with its own unique challenges. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf solution or designing a custom antenna, our engineers provide true antenna expertise and leverage first-rate technology to help customers bring winning products to market.

In addition to solving your complex antenna design challenges, we will provide comprehensive testing services to ensure your antenna has the expected radiation pattern and performance. Once testing is completed, we can manufacture your antennas at one of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

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Custom Antenna Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

As the custom antenna supplier of choice for many of the world’s largest brands, we will help you reduce time to market and deliver the high performance and reliability necessary for the most unique product development projects.

Laird’s end-to-end custom antenna design and manufacturing capabilities include:

Design Expertise






Design Expertise

Laird’s highly experienced team will work directly with you to evaluate antenna characteristics and performance factors critical to developing the optimal antenna solution, including frequency band, gain and pattern shaping, radiation efficiency, and required form factors. Laird has experience designing, testing and manufacturing antennas from low band VHF frequencies to over 10 GHz.


Design and Simulation and Prototyping

Laird uses state-of-the-art antenna simulation tools to design and optimize antenna performance for your specific application, addressing challenges such as gain and pattern regulatory restrictions, efficient matching to the radio system, and environmental and mechanical requirements. Laird’s unique Artificial Intelligence Optimizer application ensures that the antenna design is as small as possible for the required performance. Our industrial engineers utilize a full machine shop, complete with 3D printing, for rapid prototyping, allowing you to bring your wireless product to market faster.


Testing/3D Patterns

Laird operates multiple 3D anechoic antenna test chambers, located globally, that capture accurate, 3D antenna patterns, assuring that your antennas meet or exceed the expected performance requirements.


Low Cost, In-house Manufacturing

For decades, Laird has produced the industry’s highest quality antennas for leading brands at our own manufacturing facilities. With 27 total assembly lines, 39 molding machines, and 9 FIP machines, Laird produces the industry’s most cost-effective, high performance, custom antenna solutions with the fastest time to market.


EMC/FCC Compliance Certification

Laird has its own, independently managed, certified FCC/IC/CE test laboratory. This is truly a game changer that sets Laird apart from the competition. Whether your product needs compliance certification for the U.S., Canadian, or European markets, our in-house testing capabilities save an enormous amount of time, enabling you to bring your wireless solution to market faster and with complete confidence.


Why Choose a Custom Antenna?

Laird's custom antennas address specific design challenges and requirements to provide an ideal antenna solution for any application.


Antennas specifically designed to perform in your enclosure, to your requirements.

Lower Cost

Everything you need and nothing you don't, reducing BOM costs efficiently.


Performance across the full range of needed frequencies.


ESD, environmental, and shock tolerances to be sure you stay connected, no matter what.

Laird's Innovative Antennas Solve Your Challenges

Vandal-Resistant Dome Antenna

A custom enclosure for a dual band, LoRa antenna that is so tough, it can withstand a direct hit from a baseball bat.

  • Required dual band 868/900 MHz LoRA frequency bands
  • Ultra low profile design
  • IP67 weatherProof enclosures

Embedded LoRaWAN Antenna

An embedded LoRaWAN antenna specially made for a low profile, easy mounting, and reduced cost.

  • Low profile embedded antenna
  • Low cost
  • Compact dual band 868/900 MHz
  • Omnidirectional performance for use in a wide range of mounting applications

5G Massive MIMO Antenna

A uniquely designed, high performance 5G-specific antenna made to scale, with low cost components.

  • OEM antenna solution for new 5G requirements
  • Scalable design for different array sizes
  • Low cost SMT placeable elements
  • Low PIM design

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