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Why Laird?  We have been designing and manufacturing charging products for over thirty years.

Almost all electronic devices require a stable power supply, whether it’s AC-DC, DC-DC, or DC-AC.  Without the right components inside the supply, power performance can be compromised and product reliability a lost cause.  We have a decades-long commitment to creating ferrite products for wireless charging technology, ethernet solutions, and power generators.  Engineered with the latest materials and design tools available, our power products outperform others and are unrivaled in their reliability.

Our power products are used around the globe in automobiles, general electronics, and the technology sector.  Because they are lightweight and compact, they can easily be fitted to a variety of situations and have the ability to be powered or turned on from extended remote distances.  Other benefits include:

  • 802.3af compliant
  • Power can be supplied over long distances
  • Uninterruptible
  • Carrier class performance in a low-cost system
  • Regulated voltage output
  • Auto ranging power supply
  • FCC and CE approved


Take a look at our catalogue for more details and specifications.


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