Two basic types of transmitter housings are available. The first version uses the well-known x-y joystick. The brake and throttle commands are activated by moving the joystick in the appropriate direction. The second version uses a lever control, up to five throttle/brake controls are included in a control range. The first and the last step can selectively be set up as a momentary or fixed step.


Both transmitters are light and comfortable and designed using the latest ergonomic inputs. The controls are recessed in order to avoid an unintentional activation of commands. Since the main control functions are located in the center of the transmitter, the operator can use either hand to run the locomotive comfortably. An integrated tilt switch that provides a "man-down" alarm if the transmitter is tilted for a period of time.


Optional LED’s can provide feedback from the Receiver to verify that certain commands have been carried out.


Each system is delivered with a harness, made of weather-resistant material, having easily adjustable straps with quick disconnects. The harness, specifically designed for this application, adjusts to fit to the body for maximum comfort.


The transmitter, with its slightly curved front allows the operator the smallest location, especially between cars, during coupling and uncoupling. The transmitter is simply slipped into the harness and secured with a snap. This keeps it from falling out of the harness, no matter what action is being take

LRC-LO - Radio Controller
LRC-LO - Radio Controller

A versatile radio controller for shunters. Advanced dual-processor electronics protected...

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Crane, hoist, machine
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