Two basic versions of the receiver are available. In the first, the electronics are contained in an aluminum housing which has protection class IP 65. In the second version, the electronics are housed in a 19" rack.


Both versions have a modular design which uses plug-in cards to allow for easy access and a quick exchange of damaged components. In both versions, the receiver interface is wired to a multi-contact quick-disconnect connector.


The plug-in card mounting rack in both can be swiveled for easy access and service.


All received commands as well as the system status can be read on an LED display field and two 7-segment LED displays which are visible externally. This gives the locomotive operator or a service technician the status of all functions at any time

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TH-EC/LO Receiver
TH-EC/LO Receiver

Recommended for use in all types of locomotives; in accordance with the highest safety...

Frequency Range
70-480 MHz
Product Line
Locomotive Remote Control