BELTPACK is a revolutionary locomotive remote control system.  The advanced onboard microprocessor is programmed with the industry's best train handling practices. Beltpack customer will experince a set of unique features including:

- Dynamic Speed Control: giving the operator complete control over train speed and more time to concentrate on his surroundings and the movement of the train

- Protective Pitch and Catch: for safe and efficient dual-operator control and tilt detection, which will automatically sound an alarm and bring the train to a controlled stop if the OCU is tilted more than 45 degrees off the vertical.

- Reset Safety Control: Monitors operator alertness

- Interlocked Processing of Commands: Prevents unplanned actions that result in dangerous situations.

- Pre-programmed coupling speed feature


Extensive BELTPACK support services include:

- RC 24/7 Helpdesk Program

- Training Services (Operations & Maintenance)

- Supply of Parts and Components/Repair Services

- Application Engineering and Customization

- Installation and Commissioning Services

- LRC Mode Yard Efficiency Review


All our remote control products are certified to be manufactured under the latest Quality Assurance ISO 9001-2000 standard as well as the Association of American Railroads AAR M-1003 standard.


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