ACCUSPEED™ represents Laird Remote and Communications Control Systems advanced technology solution for safe and efficient speed based remote control locomotive operation.

ACCUSPEED’s ergonomic Operator Control Unit (OCU) allows the operator to simply set the desired direction and speed and the advanced on-board Locomotive Control Unit (LCU) continually applies the right amount of throttle or brake to maintain the selected speed regardless of track grade or train mass. The operator is not required to constantly judge speed, give throttle or apply brakes, and can concentrate more on train movements and track conditions.

ACCUSPEED’s highly intuitive two-way digital data feature with LED and text displays enables an operator to quickly understand any situation occurring during operation.

ACCUSPEED meets and exceeds FRA Guidelines 2001-01 for safe locomotive radio remote control operation.

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AccuSpeed System
AccuSpeed System

The AccuSpeed system is an advanced on-board Locomotive Control Unit (LCU) that...

203.20 x 508.00 x 508.00 mm
Frequency Range
220-222 MHz
Product Line
Remote Control for Locomotives