Why Laird? World-class expertise in one company.

When electromagnetic waves flow, interference can put your most essential devices and the lives of people who depend on them at risk. That’s why our skilled engineers use coordinated systems design to help you build your best EMI defenses. For more than two decades, we’ve perfected the integrated art of creating high-quality shields and gaskets that:

  • Suppress interference and meet immunity requirements.
  • Isolate offending circuits by filtering, grounding and shielding.
  • Desensitize devices by increasing their immunity to susceptible circuits.

From PC board emissions to conductive radiation, our products will solve your most complex EMI dilemmas—and unlike our competitors, we take complete ownership of our process. We embed Laird engineers and technical specialists in every phase of design to provide the highest-quality products that are timely, cost-effective, and tailored to your needs.

Customize Your EMI Essentials

We offer thousands of standard solutions and unlimited custom options for a variety of metal components. Explore our catalog below or contact an engineer through our customer service center to create your own EMI application in just hour.

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Sil25-RXP - Form-in-Place Silicone Gaskets
Sil25-RXP - Form-in-Place Silicone Gaskets

The SIL25-RXP is a non conductive silicone , room temperature curing , with low hardness...

Volume Resistivity
Shielding Effectiveness
Shore Hardness
Compression Set