IEEE 1394 Horizontal Connector Gasket

Laird Technologies offers an addition to our connector gasket line, part number 97-787, which is designed to fit all IEEE 1394 horizontal connectors. Made from copper beryllium, these gaskets provide superior grounding and reduce emissions from the connector by providing a low-impedance grounding path from the connector shell to the faceplate. The gasket is mounted over the top of a horizontal IEEE 1394 connector and soldered to the board. Contact with both the faceplate and the connector shell is accomplished once the board is assembled into its housing. These gaskets can be provided in trays to facilitate pick-and-place assembly onto the board and wave soldering automation.

• Accommodates a wide range of connector protrusion positions

• Fits all IEEE 1394 horizontal connectors

• Gasket can be placed onto the printed circuit board via pick-and-place

• Packaging to accommodate high-speed assembly is optional

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