Card Guide Clip-On

Laird Technologies introduces the Card Guide Clip-On, which offers excellent grounding contact from the PC board to a card guide on a

rack. The unique snap-in feature of the contact finger prevents any potential snagging. This allows for bi-directional sliding contact. The Card Guide Clip-On gasket installs to the edge of the board and makes contact with ground trace on the card. The card then slides into the card guide on the rack. Low compression forces allow for easy installation of the card.



• Easily installs onto PC board

• Provides for bi-directional wiping that eliminates snagging

• Ideal, inexpensive solution for grounding applications

• High-performance beryllium copper can be plated with a wide variety of finishes for galvanic compatibility.

• Designed for board thicknesses of 0.085 in. to 0.100 in. (2.159 mm

to 2.540 mm)

• Design capabilities available to handle other board thicknesses and

custom applications

• 97-983 is available with "D" Lance option

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