Symmetrical Slotted Shielding (S3), Solid Top

Laird Technologies offers their Solid Top Symmetrical Slotted Shielding Gaskets. This product is uniquely designed for those applications where a lid or cover is closed using a sliding motion to complete the closure. The solid top design allows the cover to slide either

perpendicularly or parallel to the fingerstock without snagging or damaging the gasket.

• Solid top provides an additional 10 dB of shielding effectiveness

• Offered in both rivet mount and tape mount versions

• Available with two types of rivets

• Generous radii provide maximum conductivity with minimum


compression forces

• Parts can be modified and/or cut to any specific length

• For longitudinal sliding applications, a retention clip is


recommended for secure mounting

• Available in standard or UltraSoft® (part numbers beginning with -98) versions

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