Board Level Shielding

The complexities of today's electronics pose several design challenges. Resolving EMI needs to be balanced with space, weight and production restraints. When designing a custom shielding solution, beginning in the earliest stages of the application design allows effective elimination of EMI while meeting all specifications.


Laird Technologies board level shielding experts work through all phases of development. From design, rapid prototyping and pre-production through production and automated packaging, Laird Technologies has the experience to help speed a product to market and stay within budget.

To increase manufacturing throughout and reduce costs, Laird Technologies has developed a proprietary in-line production process that includes part formation, wash, assembly, inspection and automated packaging.


By integrating quality processes, board level shield quality and performance is ensured from design stage through final packaging. One process is the automated co-planarity inspection system. Laird Technologies replicates the customer application by measuring shields in the same plane as the printed circuit board. This is accomplished without "securing" or "touching" shields, which could throw off measurement and/or deform parts. Laird Technologies measures shields immediately prior to placement into carrier tape at speeds that match automation packing.


Shield base materials include our exclusive Shield-Lite

TM, CRS 1008/1010, beryllium copper alloys, nickel-silver alloys, copper-based alloys and spring steels. All shields are fully solderable.

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