EMC Components

Based on one hundred years' worth of knowledge and experience, Laird products include Magnetic Powder, Ferrite Toroid Core, Cable Cores, Wireless Charging Modules, Ferrite Chip Beads/Inductors/Arrays, and supplementary electronic components containing a flexible magnetic core. Furthermore, the ferrite core product line involves a wide selection of materials ranging from KHz to GHz, which serve as a testimony to our ever-progressing performance, which continues to lead worldwide. 

Based on the excellent performance of our material, Laird's wireless charging products have a minimum thickness of 0.8mm; our flexible ferrite magnetic strip has an ultra-thin product thickness of 0.05mm. Compared with competitors in the industry, the electrical performance of Laird's wireless charging products is better by the same size. Our products are lighter and smaller and still offer the same electrical performance, simultaneously satisfying all imperative aspects of design capability, including geometric structure, performance design and material selection-all in a matter of minutes. Laird also has the first SPICE Model in the Magnetic industry, and is a pioneer in using the pulse current simulation, 2D FEM perfect magnetic component design. 

Laird Simulation software capabilities for power inductors, predict the design performance, modify configurations, and material selection to meet/improve the design, including complex structure to increase accuracy. It can also predict possible problems such as flux leakage, coupling effects to nearby components, and acoustic noise of the design. 

Automotive Ferrites Common Mode Chokes Ferrite Beads on Wire
Ferrite Cable Cores Ferrite Chip Beads Ferrite Differential Arrays
Ferrite Disks and Plates Ferrite Sheets Ferrite Toroids
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