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We Make Technology Work

Laird designs, develops and delivers industry-leading solutions that protect electronics. Enhancing performance and reliability.

We are a trusted partner to the world’s leading technology brands.

Our materials science and engineering teams solve the most complex problems through their deep and broad expertise. Delivering custom-engineered solutions that push the boundaries of technology.

Solving the challenges of today and anticipating those of tomorrow.

How We Help

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and unwanted heat are complex challenges facing today’s design engineers. Significant barriers to meeting strict performance requirements must be discovered early in the design process to avoid costly issues down the road.

We provide solid answers right away that keep EMI and heat at bay and costs low.

As your component design and manufacturing partner, we’re here with you every step of the way—detecting and correcting any issues that arise, and providing you with impenetrable protection solutions. We excel in rapid prototype production through component integration and into product manufacture. Our world-leading customizable solutions include EMI shielding materials, precision and structural metals, RF/microwave absorbers, electrically conductive elastomers, dispensable products, magnetic ceramic components and more. Together, we can create powerful products that change the world.

Our materials are globally-recognized by major companies for their strength, power, and innovation.



Most of today’s electronic devices are smaller, lighter, thinner and vastly more powerful than ever before. Automotive and telecommunication systems, consumer products, medical devices, and other component systems are expected to run flawlessly at all times. Protecting these devices from EMI is essential. For decades, we’ve had a worldwide reputation for EMI performance materials leadership. Engineered for superior functionality, our RF/microwave absorbers, EMI shields, gaskets, and performance coatings such as fabric-over-foam and conductive foam gaskets conquer a myriad of device protection challenges and companies come to us for solid solutions.

Global Distribution. ECIA-Approved.

Laird is a member of the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA). As a key components industry supplier, we provide solutions to distributors serving electronics manufacturing.


Our solutions give customers a competitive edge—see how we are answering their needs and leading the conversation on technological advancements and capabilities.


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Combating electromagnetic interference is a challenge we consistently research and help customers solve. Find out how the placement of microwave absorbers can meet design requirements for today’s thinner, smaller, cramped-for-space mobile devices and other densely configured systems.


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