Technology Leader Laird Opens New Michigan R&D Center

New Laird facility in Michigan
20 Sep 2017

New Center Focuses on Mobile Technology, Autotomotive Electronics, Connected Vehicles

GRAND BLANC, Michigan USA, September 20, 2017 – Global technology leader Laird (LRD: London), which is at the forefront of vehicle connectivity, formally opened its newest research and design center here today.

The new R&D center, located in Grand Blanc, near Flint, Michigan – in the heart of America’s automotive industry -- will serve Laird’s Connected Vehicle Solutions division, which also has R&D centers in Germany and China. The Grand Blanc center is among 18 other Laird R&D centers worldwide serving various Laird divisions.

“This center of excellence is at the cutting-edge of our crucial design and research work for the automotive industry here and around the globe,” said Tony Quinlan, CEO of Laird. “Our investment in Grand Blanc is evidence that Laird is committed to continue driving the future of connected vehicles in Michigan and across the United States.”

The new, 43,000 square foot R&D center sits on a 14.5-acre site in Grand Blanc, which provides space for future expansion to design and test new technologies. The center replaces a smaller Laird facility in nearby Holly, Michigan. All employees transferred to the new facility.

The Grand Blanc R&D center includes state-of-the-art engineering and design facilities, sophisticated testing labs for quality assurance, an outdoor testing range, and other facilities.

Quinlan told the attending audience the new R&D center represents a US$14.4 million investment over several years, and is expected to lead to even more new jobs at this site. The facility currently employs more than 100 people, including engineers, designers, and scientists from throughout the region.

Globally, Laird has nearly 9,700 employees at 48 locations, including 20 engineering and manufacturing facilities, 18 research and design centers, and 10 sales and administrative offices, in 19 countries worldwide.

The leading global provider of end-to-end automotive connectivity, Laird is a member of the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), an international cross-industry association formed a year ago to foster the development of connected vehicles, self-driving cars, and intelligent transport systems.

Laird’s unique combination of sophisticated or “smart” antennas and in-vehicle capabilities enable LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and satellite communications; full telematics controls; consumer electronic device integration; over-the-air software updates for vehicles; in-vehicle data streaming; USB hub; wireless in-vehicle charging; and, other offerings, Quinlan said.

“As a leading supplier to the automotive industry, Laird is extremely well-positioned for the new world of increasing connectivity and digitalization that is taking place around the globe,” he said. “These transformative developments will impact the way we all travel, and benefit consumers here in Michigan and worldwide. And, that is why we are proud to support this region’s reputation as a technology hub serving the American auto industry.”


More information about Laird can be found by clicking here.

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