Technical Press Releases

Naturally tacky gap filler can be release coated on one side.

01 Apr 2005

Thermagon, Inc. adds a new twist to a familiar product. Our T-flexTM 600 Series, naturally tacky gap filler, is now available release coated on one side. The “DC1” coating offers good separation properties allowing the tacky side to stick to the heatsink, chasis, cold plate, etc., while the “dry” side releases easily and cleanly from the component(s). “DC1” coating is available on all thicknesses of T-flexTM 600 from 0.020” up to 0.200”.

About Laird Technologies

Laird Technologies is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic interference [EMI] shielding materials, thermal interface products, and wireless antenna solutions for the...

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Laird Technologies Achieves Registration to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard

01 Apr 2005

St. Louis (April 1, 2005) Laird Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal interface and wireless antenna solutions, is proud to announce that the Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania and the Saint Louis, Missouri facilities have successfully achieved ISO 14001 registration. Both facilities become the first Laird Technologies plants in North America to be registered under this globally recognized environmental standard. In order to achieve this registration, the facilities underwent an independent audit of their Environmental Management System to verify its effectiveness and compliance to the ISO clause...

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Laird Technologies Acquires Centurion Wireless Technologies

10 Apr 2005

St. Louis, Mo. (April 10, 2005) - Laird Technologies together with its parent, The Laird Group PLC, recently purchased Centurion Wireless Technologies, headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, and all related subsidiaries.

Centurion is the market leader in the design and manufacture of antennas and battery packs for mobile phone handsets, land mobile radios, automotive telematics systems, WiFi networks, satellite communication systems and a variety of other applications. Centurion has design and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Sweden, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Korea.

As commented by Martin Rapp, Laird Technologies CEO, "Putting Centurion and...

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Centurion Wireless Technologies Unveils A Low-Cost Internal WiFi Antenna Solution

18 Apr 2005

BlackChip Internal Wireless Device Antenna Ideal for Portable Form Factor WiFi Applications

St. Louis, Mo. (April 18, 2005) - Centurion Wireless Technologies, Inc., a unit of Laird Technologies, and a designer and manufacturer of antennas for wireless communications, announces the availability of the BlackChip internal wireless device antenna. The RoHS compliant BlackChip is a low-cost WiFi antenna solution that is small, lightweight, and SMT compatible in lead free processes.

Centurion's BlackChip antenna is a portable wireless device appropriate form factor that simultaneously covers the frequency bands of 2.4 - 2.5 GHz and 4.9 - 6.0 GHz supporting the...

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Laird Technologies aquires Thermagon, Inc., expanding its thermal interface products business

23 Apr 2005

St. Louis, MO., April 23, 2005 - Laird Technologies announced today it's acquisition of Thermagon, Inc. located in Cleveland, Ohio. Martin L. Rapp, Chief Executive of Laird Technologies, stated, "This is our third in a series of acquisitions in the thermal products market. Thermagon will become the core of our growing Thermal Interface Materials product line within our Thermal Products Division, and we intend to continue to maintain and grow our position as the leader in high performance thermal interface materials and technology."

"The breadth and depth of the new product development pipeline will ensure our that our leadership position will be retained and...

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Thermally, and electrically insulated pads, are highly effective and simple to apply

01 May 2005

Looking for an insulator pad that thermally conducts and, unlike many common solutions available today, is easy to use into the bargain?

If so, then help is at hand. From Thermagon, a unit of Laird Technologies, the world’s leading provider of thermal management technology, comes the T-gon™ CP200 and CP230 mid-grade thermally conductive insulator pads. Using these in a wide variety of electronic applications throughout industry, and elsewhere, will enhance heat transfer – and, therefore, promote cooling – by eliminating air gaps between hot components such as power semiconductors, and heat sinks or housings.

When a component – such as an electronic device – is brought into...

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New T-grease 2500™ Thermally Conductive Grease from Thermagon Inc.

01 May 2005

New T-grease 2500™ Thermally Conductive Grease from Thermagon Inc.Thermagon, Inc. goes after the competition in the high-end thermal grease market with the introduction of T-grease 2500. Priced 30 to 50% less than the competition, T-grease 2500 is silicone-free thermal grease with a high thermal conductivity of 3.8 W/mK and a very low thermal resistance of 0.017 °C-in2/W. T-grease 2500 eliminates the migration issues of silicone-based grease to create superior reliability. T-grease 2500’s unique formula won’t harden, dry out, settle or oxidize and is ideal for situations where automatic dispensing and screen-printing are required. T-grease 2500 is available in 1,3 and 10 kg containers or...

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Delaware Water Gap – Flood Update

02 May 2005

May 2, 2005 (St. Louis, Mo.) - Recovery operations at the Laird Technologies’ facility in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania continues to progress at a rapid rate.

Product shipments to customers within the last week are 20% higher than average weekly shipment levels that were experienced prior to the early April flood.

Production in the Metals building has restarted in every area and is ramping to capacity as equipment is brought on-line. This includes stamping, 4-slides, heat treat, effluent treatment, plating, roll form, secondary operations, shipping/receiving, WEDM, and tooling.

The restart of equipment and production in the CCD building has been...

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Laird Technologies opens new manufacturing facility in Hungary to support local market.

11 May 2005

St. Louis (May 11, 2005) Laird Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials, thermal interface products and wireless antenna solutions, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Szombathely, Hungary.

This facility has been initially established to support sales of Laird Technologies’ antenna and related products to global customers who manufacture in Hungary; this important move is an example of Laird’s continuing strategy to provide local support to large global customers.

Laird Technologies has European manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Sweden and the United...

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Now available from Laird Technologies is its copper beryllium fingerstock gaskets for easing enclosure door EMI problems

01 Aug 2005

For beating electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems where enclosure doors, cabinets and boxes are concerned, global leading provider of EMI shielding and thermal interface solutions Laird Technologies can supply copper beryllium fingerstock gaskets. These act as conductive seals, stopping such emissions from reaching sensitive equipment within, or leaking out to similarly affect equipment located outside.

The company’s fingerstock gaskets offer the highest possible shielding for a seal. Moreover, these products are excellent whether used in a wiping action or in compression - the elastic nature of the copper beryllium metal alloy means it has a repeatable cycle that is ideal...

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